Renovating the Bronx street steps

Throughout the hilly Bronx, steep stairways climb cliffs to connect plateaued avenues. Many of those stairways long ago crumbled and posed some serious dangers to anyone without a car trying to move east and west in the BX.  


The city initially planned to finish renovating the step street at 168th Street and Clay Avenue by Fall 2015, but construction has only recently begun. I passed the Morrisania construction site yesterday and chatted with the construction workers.

Two other nearby step streets, one at Webster Ave, are also under renovation, the workers told me. They will not be installing an elevator, unfortunately, but they will be improving a distinguishing – and somewhat hidden – feature of the Bronx cityscape. 

And here's a poem I wrote about those street steps a few months ago:

Facing a fortress above Jerome

No app reveals the true mountain pass.

 Yes, you'll finally find,

It really is that staircase.