Might ex-Bumble 2A freaks flock to conservative dating apps?

There's a petition circulating on of the world's many petition sites — this one is just called thepetitionsite.com — that urges Tinder, OK Cupid and Hinge to follow Bumble by banning images of guns in users' profile pictures. 

"Guns are designed to kill. That is their only function," the petition says. "Should we be so desensitized to the sight of a killing machine that we think it's normal to see them while looking for love?"

The petition makes a good point and handles Bumble's PR for them for free at the same time. Maybe Bumble even started the petition. That would definitely be a slick move piggybacking on the savvy decision to ban gun photos.

Bumble's move is an example of 'woke capital' —  progressive virtue signaling by corporations that are trying to make progressive people feel inspired while transacting with the capitalist giants they theoretically hate — but it probably wasn't a tough decision for them.

Bumble can really only do well in cities where hundreds of thousands of lonely and/or horny people are trying to get laid and/or married. Most of these lonely/horny people are also progressives who don't really like guns. So this is an easy way to appeal to them and stand out in the crowded dating app field.

Bumble buddies are lonely, horny and woke af.

Tinderians? Questionable character—do they even care about social justice???

But Bumble still probably pissed off gun nuts. And, speaking of not caring about social justice, Bumble's move could be a boon for an actually real dating site called Trump.Dating, a place for fascists to get off on repopulating the white race and dry-humping Bushmasters.


Arwa Mahdawi at The Guardian wrote a funny piece about her experience looking for "Mr. Alt-Right" on the Trump Dating site last week. She logged in under the username white111:

"While married people are free to join Trump Dating, gay people aren’t. Because of those old-fashioned family values obviously. This was disappointing to discover, as I tend to lean lesbian. Nevertheless, I persisted and joined anyway. Maybe there would be a nice man on the site who would make heterosexuality great again, you never know."

In reality, however, Trump.Dating looks like shit. It looks like one of the free templates that come with SquareSpace. Is it cheap and lazy design by a company trying to capitalize on the white, alienated, bump-stock bearing, ex-Bumble dumbass. Or is it another slick move, this time by a company trying to get to dumb people's money before text and telephone scammers do.

Whatever, it's small potatoes.

Just wait til the NRA❤️ app comes in and makes dating even scarier.