Encounters with the Rock, Part I

My Year of Living Dwaynegerously began January 2 when the NBC’s Titan Games paid money to target ads at me on Twitter. This promoted tweet appeared in my timeline three times:

titan games.jpg

I actually ended up watching a bit of the Titan Games the next day, Jan. 3.

An insanely jacked truck driver won the men’s competition by climbing and then descending a mountain of obstacles very quickly while finding at least one secret key to unlock the next stage of the course. The show is a combination of American Ninja Warrior, Guts’ Aggro Crag and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

I didn’t choose to watch it, though. My wife turned on NBC when the show happened to be on. She recorded the men’s race knowing I’d want to see the two athletes going at it. And so I sat down and watched a guy with some sort of redemption story (I think he was in jail or something) dominate the course and his opponent before hugging his family.

Dwayne told him he earned a cheat meal.

I am a passive consumer of the Rock and yet his presence is inescapable in my Year of Living Dwaynegerously.