Paul Ryan's Life Misled

What does it say about a man if he dedicates his entire life to taking a massive amount of money and resources away from the poor and middle class and handing it to the world’s wealthiest people — especially when the nation’s richest 1% own 38.6% of the country’s wealth and the top 0.1% have aboutthe same amount of wealth as the bottom 90%?

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Six Fictional Establishment Conservatives Revealed as Castrated Hollywood Cucks

Much like Mitt Romney, I hope to win favor with Daddy Trump and his storm troopers before next month's Inauguration so I decided to participate in the vital Cuckservative Purge. I spent weeks combing /r/The_Donald and the Breitbart comment sections in order to uncover those emasculated cucks who masquerade as conservative champions of film and television. Here's what I found: 

1. Thomas Whitmore - President, Independence Day


Mainstream Media Depiction: Hero leader and courageous pilot saves nation from invasion of illegal aliens. 

THE TRUTH: Globalist fighting other countries’ wars for them.  

2. Mayor McCheese – Spokesburger, McDonalds


MSM Depiction: Devoted, relatable public servant.

THE TRUTH:  Whiny, low-energy establishment shill sucking teet of massive corporation employing potential criminal aliens.

3. Alex P. Keaton – Republican dweeb, Family Ties 


MSM Depiction: Quirky and mature teenage economist. 

THE TRUTH: PC wimp who fantasizes about squirming into the Northeastern Ivy League elite; worships weenie-cuck forefather William F. Cuckley.

4. Ron Swanson – Director of the Pawnee City, Indiana Department of Parks and Recreation, Parks and Recreation


MSM Depiction: Bemused libertarian curmudgeon.

THE TRUTH: Poses as small-government champion while enabling the rise of brainwashed, leftist, bureaucracy-inflating crybabies.

5. James Marshall – US President, Air Force One


MSM Depiction: Military vet who single-handedly dismantles terrorist cell.  

THE TRUTH: Throughout entire film, never once has the balls to say “Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

6. Dave Kovic as President William Harrison Mitchell – US President, Dave 


MSM Depiction: Devised plan to provide jobs for every single American. 

THE TRUTH: No indication that these jobs involve construction of a border wall.

Demonstrating to put Trump and his enablers on notice

Conservative Republicans continue to call themselves the Silent Majority. That's fine.

Meanwhile, those representing the actual majority — the Americans who delivered Hillary Clinton a +2 million popular vote victory — have been gathering across the country to declare they will not tolerate Trump stoking hatred and exploiting prejudices to enact discriminatory policies. I joined Sunday's huge demonstration between Columbus Circle and Trump Tower and wrote about it for The Progressive and The Indypendent. I found that few attendees seemed to condemn the legitimacy of the presidential election, a notion critics (including liberals) have hammered to invalidate and diminish such events.

Such demonstrations are important because they A) assert our Constitutional right to assembly, a fundamental feature of our democracy B) affirm love and support for immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, women and other groups targeted by Trump and his enablers C) inform the rest of the world that most of us are unhappy with and indeed stunned by the election result and D) put Trump on notice that we will not tolerate bigotry and injustice.

Keep the energy up. Keep it moving.