Inoffensive utilitarian inebriation potion that can be all things to all people

Budweiser now positions itself as both the drink of choice for the Everyman hypnotized by Classic American Mythology AND the self-conscious Hipster Artist.

Here is a still from a current Budweiser TV commercial:

And here is an example of a Budweiser advertising campaign evident throughout hipster North Brooklyn in which Budweiser tries to tap into the lo-fi PBR/nostalgia market:

But then here is Budweiser's more familiar and universal advertising campaign, in which they cultivate and exploit American patriotism:

And then we have Budweiser's old advertising standby. The classic "This Bud's For You" everyone-everywhere-deserves-a-Bud-slogan, which, as I write this, is projected onto the wall behind home plate in the top of the 9th inning of Game 7 of the World Series.


So to recap: Budweiser is for A) special people like you but not lazy people like them, B) all America-loving Americans and B) you and everyone else too because it's an inoffensive utilitarian inebriation potion.

Advertising that is all things to all people.