Jet fuel can't melt . . .

I've noticed a few of these right-wing, racist, conspiracy theorist stickers while riding my bike around Ridgewood, Queens in the past several months. Earlier today, I visited to check out the shop. After I navigated past the survivalist items (The 1-Year Survival Food Supply is on-sale for $1436! The HazardPak Digital Survival Library DVD is only $19.95), I found the bumper stickers. The site says they sell them at cost ($3.95) to more easily spread the word and awaken the sheeple. 

If you look, you can find a lot of right-wing paraphernalia on display in Queens. There's the silhouette of an assault rifle over the text "Baby on Board" on the back of a parked truck I often pass. Or the "9/11 was an inside job" decal on the back of a stop sign. And of course, several NRA badges. 

The Archie Bunkers are devolving.