Might ex-Bumble 2A freaks flock to conservative dating apps?

There's a petition circulating one of the world's many petition sites — this one is just called thepetitionsite.com — that urges Tinder, OK Cupid and Hinge to follow Bumble by banning images of guns in users' profile pictures. 

"Guns are designed to kill. That is their only function," the petition says. "Should we be so desensitized to the sight of a killing machine that we think it's normal to see them while looking for love?"

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My story on NYC's protections for undocumented immigrants in DHS shelters

After about a month of reporting and researching, I wrote a piece for City Limits about New York City's protections for undocumented immigrants connected with city agencies, including the Department of Homeless Services. When Trump announced his immigration executive order threatening to defund “sanctuary city” localities that did not comply with federal government requests for information, I first wondered what would stop federal immigration forces from indiscriminately raiding homeless shelters – often barracks-style converted basketball courts that house scores, or even hundreds, of the city's most vulnerable residents.

I remember going to school in Boston during Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids on factories in New Bedford and at a supermarket in Chelsea. And those people were workers who clearly contributed to the economy and paid taxes. Fear and suspicion pervaded immigrant communities in New England and, likely, the rest of the country. I feared the harassment of non-citizens in shelters who depend on city resources – in this case, incurring costs for housing, case management and meals.

In the past, NYPD, as well as police departments from Long Island and New Jersey, regularly accessed DHS records to identify and arrested individuals with outstanding warrants. ICE, however, cannot do the same. In fact, the federal government cannot access city records related to immigration status except for immigrants with felony convictions.

I spoke with several shelter staff, immigration advocates and legal experts. The consensus is that the city's protections remain strong for safeguarding the information of undocumented immigrants. Federal immigration law sounds scary but remains quite vague. It also lacks the power to compel cities and states to record or turn over confidential and protected information.

Six Fictional Establishment Conservatives Revealed as Castrated Hollywood Cucks

Much like Mitt Romney, I hope to win favor with Daddy Trump and his storm troopers before next month's Inauguration so I decided to participate in the vital Cuckservative Purge. I spent weeks combing /r/The_Donald and the Breitbart comment sections in order to uncover those emasculated cucks who masquerade as conservative champions of film and television. Here's what I found: 

1. Thomas Whitmore - President, Independence Day


Mainstream Media Depiction: Hero leader and courageous pilot saves nation from invasion of illegal aliens. 

THE TRUTH: Globalist fighting other countries’ wars for them.  

2. Mayor McCheese – Spokesburger, McDonalds


MSM Depiction: Devoted, relatable public servant.

THE TRUTH:  Whiny, low-energy establishment shill sucking teet of massive corporation employing potential criminal aliens.

3. Alex P. Keaton – Republican dweeb, Family Ties 


MSM Depiction: Quirky and mature teenage economist. 

THE TRUTH: PC wimp who fantasizes about squirming into the Northeastern Ivy League elite; worships weenie-cuck forefather William F. Cuckley.

4. Ron Swanson – Director of the Pawnee City, Indiana Department of Parks and Recreation, Parks and Recreation


MSM Depiction: Bemused libertarian curmudgeon.

THE TRUTH: Poses as small-government champion while enabling the rise of brainwashed, leftist, bureaucracy-inflating crybabies.

5. James Marshall – US President, Air Force One


MSM Depiction: Military vet who single-handedly dismantles terrorist cell.  

THE TRUTH: Throughout entire film, never once has the balls to say “Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

6. Dave Kovic as President William Harrison Mitchell – US President, Dave 


MSM Depiction: Devised plan to provide jobs for every single American. 

THE TRUTH: No indication that these jobs involve construction of a border wall.