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Each day during the 2014 World Cup, I visited a different bar, restaurant or cultural center in and around New York City. I documented the World Cup Tour of NYC on my blog . Here are some highlights:

Greece v. Cote d'Ivoire at an Ivorian restaurant in East Harlem

Argentina v. Iran at an Iranian viewing party in the West Village

Netherlands v. Costa Rica at a Costa Rican party in Dover, NJ

More Soccer

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The Brand Report for First Touch, the USA's longest running weekly soccer magazine. 

The World Meets Along 116th St. -- June 24, 2014

The Hidden World Cup -- June 30, 2015

NYC Supporter Spotting: January 2016 -- Feb. 17, 2016

NYC Supporter Spotting: February 2016 -- March 7, 2016

Gun violence in the United States

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Disarm Hate: The LGBTQ Community Unites with Anti-Gun Violence Activists [HuffPost] 

Disarm Hate, A Coalition Of Anti-gun Violence And LGBTQ-rights Groups, Prepares To Rally In D.C. [HuffPost]

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