I turn classic rap songs into Shakespearean-style iambic pentameter. All of the words I use in my rewrites appear in Shakespeare's works.

Future Shakespeare -- Wicked (Future's Wicked)

Drakespeare -- When Thy Messenger Alights (Drake's "Hotline Bling")

Notorious Soliloquy -- 'JVICY' (Biggie's "Juicy")

Ice Cube -- 'Twas A Good Day' ("It Was a Good Day")

Rick the Ruler -- 'A Knave's Tale' (Slick Rick's "Children's Story")

Shakespeare ReCited, a Selfridge's campaign, in collaboration with High Snobiety, to showcase modern British musicians on the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's death

The Reviews Are In:

"The Shakespeare Version of Drake's "Hotline Bling" is Amazing." -- Complex

"If Drake Were Shakespeare, This Is What "Hotline Bling" Would Sound Like." -- HypeBeast

"This is the most pointless activity that anyone's ever dreamt up." -- Sir Ian McKellen

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