My first appearance on NY1’s Inside City Hall, June 25, 2019.

My first appearance on NY1’s Inside City Hall, June 25, 2019.

Why do Some NYC School Kids Still Eat Lunch Before Some of Us Have had Breakfast?

City Limits — June 11 2019 and Feb. 6, 2019

For this two-part series, I logged the lunchtime data for all 2,535 schools located in a Department of Education database because my FOIL requests were taking far too long to fulfill. The first installment analyzed the current situation at schools with the earliest lunchtimes in 2014, based on previous Department of Education information. The second installment packaged and analyzed the information into a searchable database.

Ever More Children Are Facing the Nightmare of Immigration Court on Their Own 

The Nation — July 3, 2018

For this deeply reported story, I visited Manhattan immigration court several times, analyzed immigration data and interviewed several attorneys, judges and young immigrants facing deportation in New York City and New Jersey. I conducted interviews with the children and young people in Spanish.

Queens' Diversity Is Underrepresented in the DA's Office, Staff Data Shows

Queens Daily Eagle — March 5, 2019

A perceived lack of diversity was a key focus among the seven Democratic candidates for Queens District Attorney, as well as local bar associations and community activists who say the staff composition should better represent the borough’s population. I analyzed the demographic statistics from the Queens DA’s office and found that people of color, especially black and African American men, are significantly underrepresented among prosecutors in the world’s most diverse county. This is the first installment in my three-part series that helped shaped the Queens DA race.

'You can't have cops watching cops' — NYPD officer, ex-cop lawyer sue NYC

Queens Daily Eagle — May 20, 2019

An NYPD sergeant who uncovered blatant corruption in the 109th Precinct during the course of an 18-month undercover operation says top brass ignored his findings and then engaged in a “campaign to harass” him. The attorney representing him is an ex-cop who says he can relate.

DOC Fails to Uphold Young Adult Housing Directive

Queens Daily Eagle — Dec. 3, 2018

In part four of my series on the implementation of New York’s Raise the Age law and the young people too old to qualify, I reported on the Department of Correction's gradual rejection of a oversight agency’s mandate to house young people aged 18-21 "separate and apart" from other adult inmates. I have continued reporting on the DOC’s response to these directives.

NYC’s Cultural Plan Spurs Disabled Artists in Fight for Roles and Respect

City Limits — Oct. 20, 2017

I earned a 2018 Ippies Award in the category of Best Social Issues Story for this piece about advocacy among artists with disabilities who are ignored by institutions and often physically prevented from participating in the the city’s cultural scene. The advocate-artists have pressured the city to fund artists with disabilities, hold art spaces accountable for inclusion and pay for accessibility measures, especially at smaller art spaces as part of the CreateNYC Cultural Plan.

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Fusing Fitness + Mental Health

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Each day during the 2014 World Cup, I visited a different bar, restaurant or cultural center in and around New York City. I documented the World Cup Tour of NYC on my blog . Here are some highlights:

Greece v. Cote d'Ivoire at an Ivorian restaurant in East Harlem

Argentina v. Iran at an Iranian viewing party in the West Village

Netherlands v. Costa Rica at a Costa Rican party in Dover, NJ

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The Brand Report for First Touch, the USA's longest running weekly soccer magazine. 

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Gun violence in the United States

Want to Stop Gun Violence But Don't Know Where to Start? Get Educated  [HuffPost] 

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Disarm Hate, A Coalition Of Anti-gun Violence And LGBTQ-rights Groups, Prepares To Rally In D.C. [HuffPost]

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